Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvelous Marvin

Mr Spyder and I have accidentally adopted a cat-beast who may or may not acknowledge the name Marvin.

It all started while looking for new work boots. My dear husband needed a new pair of boots, as the steel toes were showing through his. We started out close to where we stay, but alas! the shoe store was closed on Sunday. We then made our way up the road to the craft store, where I picked up a few beads for a commissioned hemp necklace. Mr Spyder then asked if Famous Footwear would have anything. I said, "not likely, but we can go in." "Ok" he said. Didn't really even have to do much looking before he realised that this was not the type of store where he would find boots to comfort his feet.

We then'd Red Wing Shoes from the handy cell phone device. He called the first one, and it was closed. He called the second one! And it was closed. He called the thrid one! And it was open until 4. Sweet! So we began our journey. We punched in the address into the GPS. We drove, and it took us straight to an NJTA maintenance facility? Maybe we took a wrong turn...No! The GPS says that after we pull over, the store should be right under this bridge in the middle of that creek!

Ok take 2. We used the GPS's Points of Interest Search Nearby function. We then began our adventure again. After we entered the housing deveopment, we probably should have turned back. We did evenually turn back after the GPS told us our destination was at the end of a cul de sac. Unless the guy was selling them out of his garage, not likely.

After careful consideration, we decided to call the store directly and ask for the address. So we gave it one more go, and boots or no boots, this was it. Apparently Wayne NJ must be enormous, as there were 5 miles between address 1 and 2, and 6 miles between 2 and 3 in completely different directions.

We found the Red Wing Store! Hurrah! Mr Spyder got his boots, and I decided that after our ordeal, we needed to go see kitties. We walked next door to Petsmart. There were extra kitties that day, as it was adoption day! Yay! So in we went, and after meeting several kitties, I knew we were taking one home. I think Mr Spyder realised it after one special guy stuck out his little arm and politely tapped him asking for snuggles and petting. As soon as the lady took him out of his cage and placed him in my arms, it was love (not so much for him, he was more interested in exploring PetSmart) We filled out all the paperwork, then went cat supply shopping, then came back and picked up our Marvelous Marvin, giant cat-beast. He really is ginourmous. And not particularly flabby, hes like a little boulder, with fur, and night crazies :)

We took him back to our little apartment/room/place and he proceeded to explore everything, from under the bed, to on top of the (off) stove(a squirt bottle IS on the shopping list!) I opened the cabinet above the stove hood to grab some lunch stuff for today and he jumped on top of the hood then promptly slid back off. He is also fascinated by things like toilets flushing, bathtubs, sinks, closets, air conditioners, windows, counters, hemp, quilt pieces, twist ties(he found it under the bed and had to be bribed with 3 cat toys to get it from him) Also, just like my dearly departed Missy, has a strange liking for Doritos. I don't feed Doritos to cats regularly, but after he decided to stick his head in the bowl and lick one, it seemed like I should give it to him.

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  1. My Cinder kitty did the same thing when we went looking for a new friend. I had lost my Poof 1 1/2 years before and I really felt it was time to begin again. Went to the Kitty rescue and as soon as I neared her cage the paw came out and that was it!

    Enjoy your Marvin and treasure every minute!