Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 and a bag

I have been beading in my free moments.  I really really have...
I started working on an ornament using Laura McCabe's Eiffel Tower Ring pattern from Beading Across America but, when she says size 15 Czech Charlottes, I think she means it.  Now I have  weird purple thingie sitting on my bead tray.  It kinda looks like one of those little tables that comes in a pizza box.  I didn't get to the add the rivoli part. I gave up.  Poor little guy.

I did finish another ornament.  I'm calling it Creamsicle.  It has lots of silver lined orange Delicas and pearls. 

The focals are beads from Hobby Lobby.  I like it.

I also finished my medicine bag for my father in law.  I decided, afte seeing a magpie for the first time over Thanksgiving, that a magpie would be a most fitting creature to represent me.  They are smart, they like shiny stuff, and they hoard things.  Me to a tee. :)

He is black, white, and iridescent blue/black Delicas and Treasures and 15/0s in black and white, beaded on felt, on leather, with an elk ivory, obviously .

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