Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have got to get a better camera...

The old cell phone shapshots are just not going to work if I plan to continue blogging :-/

I finihsed these two bracelets this week.

This one started as a project for my poor stir-crazy husband. Our project hasn't kicked off full swing, so he is basically trapped in our hotel room all day while I'm at work. He despises/fears driving in cities, so he is essentially imprisoned, poor guy. I tried to help him out and teach him peyote stitch, so as to have something to do, but he somehow un-strung his needle after two beads and got frustrated. He did help though :)

Finished with a wooden bead/Swarovski crystal double toggle. I like the feeling of this cuff, smooth and simple.

This one was an exercise in learning a new stitch, the filled net stitch from beAd Infinitum. This stitch has great movement, without being floppy.

I didn't have enough crystals to do a bangle, so added a bezeled jet rivoli and a magnetic clasp.

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