Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trio of Goddesses

I nearly forgot that today was Thursday, meaning, I nearly forgot to post! Oops!

Today's From the Vault is a trio of Goddesses that I made based on a pattern that was published in Beadwork or Bead and Button a few years back. The form is Crayola Model Magic air drying clay over a wire. They are each around 2.5" tall

I started with a 2-bead wide ladder stitch base around the waist and went from there. This was a great exercise in increases and decreases in brick stitch. Some places requred some additional "tacking" of the beadwork into the Model Magic to make the beadwork lay flat.

First is the Fire Goddess. I went on a flame kick a while back and just loved making simple three colored flames on a black background.

Next up is the Water Goddess. She is made of rain, and clouds, and a pond near her feet.

Finally is the Earth Goddess. She is made of sun and planets and stars.

I think I will make more of these in the future, I actually found some forms whilst choosing beads for my on-road adventure.



  1. I always meant to do these...bought the air dry clay and everthing! Found the clay the other day, sat and wondered why I had it! Now that I have made many bead embroidered dolls on forms I have sewn and stuffed, I probably won't use the clay, but should use it for something? I love how you chose the designs for your three women, and I think the water/sky one is my fav!

  2. You could do any shape! I am thinking about Halloween ornaments, or Christmas, or birds, or really you've got me thinking!