Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The trouble with toggles

I have the worst trouble with toggles. Really, I do. It seems like the bar is always to long and/or the ring is too small. Well, unless the bar is too short and the ring is too big. This happens nearly as frequently.

You see, I made this bracelet over the weekend. The design was inspired by Charlene's 1-2-3 bracelet. I like the bracelet, and may wear it.

I really made the bracelet so I could make the toggle. In my head, it worked out perfectly. There was a square toggle ring to connecting to a bar with cubezoidal ends.

I stitched and attached and well, the flingin-flangin bar was too flingin-flangin long and I had to mush the ring to get it through at all. Stupid toggles. There really is no happy medium for me.

In other news, I worked on my husbeast's halloween costume. He is going as Poseidon, God of the seas. I'm going as Medusa. More on this story later...

I also very nearly bought a lobster costume for the cat beast. Pretty sure Marvin would not have a approved.


  1. Haven't tried beaded toggles yet cuz I have a fear of the same thing! This is a gorgeous bracelet though and I love seeing your work!

  2. Make the piece between the bracelet and the toggle slightly longer and it go through the loop easier.