Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

One year (and 2 days ago) I married the man who has got to be the most wonderful husbeast ever :) That's right, we were married on Hallowe'en.

Our wedding party had to be coaxed from mountains, forests, fire, the sea, the moon, well everywhere really. Lucky for me, fae-folk are bribable!

I went a little wild with the mod podge-and spider rings. They made their way into my centerpieces, table decorations, my grandma's hair, onto fingers, everywhere. I even found two in my hair this year on Halloween.

This is the guest book that I made from a clearance rack Lisa Frank journal, a paper towel, craft foam, gold leaf, purple paint and copious mod podge-here's the tutorial

I did most of the decorations myself, which was quite insane. I thought I had overdone it on the glittered whatnot, but I guess not, as I haven't a single skull left, and they were all the rage at Target and other stores this year. These guys were painted or mod podged and glittered. Use superfine glitter or else they end up looking like Fred in the front row-kinda mossy...

Look Cake! My cousin did the cake-if it shows up blue, thats not right, its a really really vibrant purple. We have the top layer in our fridge, but had to leave home before we got to eat our anniversary bite. If it's stil good when we get home, we'll definitely have a piece.

This was what we used to cut the cake on said day-just some ribbon and hot glue, and spiders...

The centerpieces were an adventure-I bought 4-6 stores out of daisies, and eventually had to add in purple ones because I just couldn't find enough white. There were glitter spiders in the arrangement of flowers and leaves(which is a floral foam hemisphere)and under the flowers in the vase with black tulle. Goodwill is an amazing resource for cheap vases-we found 13 that very nearly matched at our local goodwill. A quick run in the dishwasher and we were all set. Didn't get to keep a centerpiece though-I guess thats good :)

Even our invites were coated in spiders and daisies-no glitter though. This was the back of our RSVP postcard

If you've read through all that, I guess you get to see the grand finale-where Mr Spyder and I live happily ever after-with the giant wings of doom

If anyone wants tutorials for anything, let me know. I know they're a little late for this Hallowe'en, but come on, who doesn't need a little year round spooky?


  1. Happy Anniversary and that was so cool! I wish for both of you the best and many many many many more years of fun and happiness!


  2. I love that you had wings, and that is was grey, blowy and everyone was smiling, even tree guy!! Happy Anniversary, and your ornaments are turning out really nice!