Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who does Number Two work for?

The second ornament of 2010 is complete-I'm cranking them out this year!

This one is also formed over a silver ball ornament-note to others-the $2.50 box of 12 ornaments from Walmart contains some funky ornaments-they all have noticeable dents or funny marks on them. I think the first one I used was probably the least weird, so I didn't think to exchange them, and seeing as how my ornament covers aren't easily removable...I'll have to live with them. I have never seen dented glass ornaments before-so weird...

Anyway, I had the idea to use AB clear Japanese glass drops and make them look like little drops of water. In reality, the drops turned into little "nubbies" which I find to be quite awesome.

The main beadwork is comprised of wine-colored Japanese 11/0s that decided to pop their heads out of my stash. I honestly don't remember buying them, but I know where they came from. You find the darndest things when making ornaments. I also added some 3mm AB Crystal Swarovski bicones at the top and bottom. This pattern was basically a netted cover with an increase each round, then a decrease each round on the bottom half. This is a good photo showing how the nubbies poke out.

I kept with the theme of doing simple hangers again. This one got an 18g silver craft wire hanger with 2 silver spacers and a dusty wine bead in the middle. I was surprised to find that I actually had a bead that went with the wine-colored seed beads. I think the only beads on this ornament I remember buying are the drops. I don't even remember buying the crystals...I guess an appropriate name for this one would be something like Forgotten Wine

I'm really pretty stoked about ornaments this year. That's 2 down, and I only started making them Sunday.


  1. Oh yes keep going I really like this eye candy!

  2. Thanks-and I hope to keep the eye candy coming!