Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Number four is upon us. This is progress. This means that I have covered enough ornaments for the inlaws and have begun making them for friends :)

This one started out as another vague idea. I wanted to make lots and lots of snowflakes to cover an ornament. I wanted each one to be unique! I wanted the ornament to be a marvel of beadwork!! It's not. But it's pretty anyway.

I ended up with 8 snowflakes, in varying sizes, and shades of blue. I then began netting them onto the ornament. For the 10 rows, everthing was nice and regular, but as the snowflakes got bigger and more numberous, the regularity went out the window and I ended up with some free-form netting going on. This was not entirely unpleasant.

After a while I just started adding snowflakes and strings of net somewhat willy-nilly.

I think it helps. Snowflakes may be regular, but they fall in funny little heaps and cover things and exaggerate indentations in the ground or other surface. Example, my car last year. ( XP Blech I hate snow...)

Well, except on ornaments...

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  1. Oh you are so on a roll and it is beautiful to see!