Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is it Thursday already?

Just kidding-it's been a LOOOOONNNNNG time since I posted a Thursday-From the vault, but I've been a good beadblogger this week, so here is another ornament (From the Vault)

First-Allow me to apologise for the backdrop. I was staying in a tiny hotel at the time and the only place with decent light was the bathroom :/

I saw an ornament with this type of covering hanging in Beyond Beads North in Spokane, and knew I had to make one. I eventually bought the book with this pattern, but this one was from memory. It uses silverlined bugles, silverlined green bugles, silver-lined purple Japanese 11/0s, silverlined clear Japanese 11/0s and 4 10mm Swarovski cube crystals. This one was gifted to my other favorite bead store-Beadwildered Women in Nyack, NY. It hung in the window of their old location. What was funny, was that I didn't know all their Christmas Decor was purple and green. Kinda cool right?

Anyway, there may be a repeat of this pattern this year; not yet, but it's on the list :)

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