Thursday, December 2, 2010

And her shoes were Number Nine (and loot!!)

Number nine was created using mainly loot from my spree-it consists of 3 ladder stitched strings of bugle beads in a weird AB matte translucent amber, lots and lots of strings of Czech 11/0s in a red and purple blend

The ladders end in finials made using the Czech 11/0s and red velvet crystal rounds. In certain lights the colors on this ornament are gorgeous and work really well together. In other lights, not so much. I think the cover would work well on a larger ornament, but, sadly, I don't have any larger ones, and don't plan to buy any. My mother may have a few stashed in her attic so I'll have to check when I get home.

The real star of this post is the loot! I love my husband. And he spoils me rotten :)

I got a bunch of silver feather charms, 2 wolf charms, a strand of red and green mottled crystals and Husbeast picked out 2 turquoise Zuni bears and a greenish shard (not sure what it is-it was in the bargain bin)

I acquired 2 strands of daggers, one a stripey blue and the other is clear with blue, pink and green spots, 2 strands of 3mm Czech fire polished beads, and a strand of half mirrored blue drops

From the seed bead bargain bin, I got a tube of long twisted black bugles, a tube of the bugles used in the ornament above, a tube of Japanese 11/0s in a basic opaque mix, size 6? seeds in black and black and white, and 2 half and half tubes of size 15/0s. Their bargain bin kicks butt. I love picking through for size 15/0s. I only buy 6" tubes of the ones I know I will use regularly (golds, silverlined, silver, black, etc) I get all my other colors from the bargain bin. Really, at 5 tubes for $7, who would blame me...(one of the tubes was $2.00 in this picture)

I really needed to add to my bugle collection. I want to try my Indian Ornament using bugles as opposed to the craft store 10ishes. I also picked up a tube of silver short bugles. I believe these are the ones that are fire polished after being cut, so as to not butcher one's thread

Not too many crystals this time, but I found I was seriously lacking in terms of blues, so I picked up a strand of Dark Indigo and a strand of Montana Blue 4mm bicones. Also at the top are the remains of my hank of Czech 11/0s in reds and purples. Finally a strand of silver 13/0 Charlottes, seeing as how I had none in silver.

Finally, we get to what makes this bead store so amazing-nearly every color, size, shape, etc of seed bead. This makes me such a happy girl! They always have the latest shapes and sizes of things-example, peanut beads-I bought some 2 months before they made it into the What's New section of Beadwork, same for 2.8mm drops, and the new long Magatama Daggers.

Anyway, back to the loot! I got a tube of blue 1.5mm cubes, dark silver 15/0s, a tube of mixed opaques, red metallic 11/0s, bronze(color) 11/0s, brass(color) 11/0s, AB Clear peanut beads, silver drops, red-lined red, and green-lined pale violet 3.4mm drops.

Not picured-packet of split rings and Dec/Jan Beadwork

One day I am accidentally going to move at Beyond Beads North of Spokane. They will find me just sitting and staring at the seed bead colors. That or staring at the wall of Swarovskis. I may be drooling... So much color, so few eyeballs to drink it in.

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