Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roller Coaster...of love (Say what?)

I just had the BEST weekend ever :)

My inlaws flew in from Metline Falls, WA and stayed from Wednesday through this morning. (Would that all weekends were 5 days eh?)

We did so much and had so much fun together, including a squirt gun fight, a trip to Dollywood, a trip to the Chattanooga Aquarium, a trip to the International Towing Museum (who knew that even existed??), fireworks, flea markets, movies, cake, ice cream, and a Hoarders marathon.

We went to Dollywood on Friday, fully expecting ridiculous lines, but it was like the park opened just for us(The Mystery Mine was AWESOME!). IN-SANE. No lines. Well, one line, but 15 minutes? Puh-lease-I've been to Cedar Point, I've been in my share of 3 hour lines, so that hardly even counts...(And love the Blue Streak! And the Millenium Force! And really love the Magnum!)

I guess everyone was going on Saturday though, because we tried going to check out some stuff in Gatlinburg on Saturday, and the traffic was backed up from there all the way onto I-40. (Thats like 16 miles-google it) Needless to say, we gave up after 45 minutes and went to a movie instead.

Apparently here in Tennessee, there aren't any restrictions on the types of fireworks average Joe Consumer can buy. This made the husbeast WAAAAAAAY too happy. He bought all sorts of explosives. And of all the things that could have taken off fingers, toes, etc, I suffered a second degree burn, lighting a sparkler. A sparkler. Sparkler.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Only hurt for one night though. It's ugly, but doesn't hurt now, that's a good thing. And there is no nerve damage, because I can still feel with it. And its on my right hard, so that's good.

Also, check out the little museums around you. They offer a glimpse into things you never knew should be immortalized. Example, the towing industry has a wall of fame for outstanding towing persons. They also have a display honoring their fallen. You never think of things like how dangerous ther work is until you see the list. Stop and honestly thank them sometime, and not just for unlocking your car. :)

Well that's all for now

What do you mean I forgot something?

Like an announcement of some sort?

Oh yeah...that...

First, on Moonrise closing-while I am a sad thay are closing, it was for a good reason. She didn't really go out of business because of the economy, she wanted to retire, and play with beads for her, without the stress of running a business. I am happy for her, and hope that she has a wonderful stress-free retirement. And if I wasn't putting myself on a bead diet, you can bet your eye-teeth I'd be out scouting new shops next weekend...I'm a hoarder. MY hoard is just made of tiny delightful blobs of glass...Sigh :) So shiny...

I counted up all the entries (1 for an "I'm in!", 1 for a repost, and one for a rollercoaster) Since I didn't set any limits on number of entries, they all count. I came up with 66 entries.

I popped over to random.org, and entered in all the info...

And out popped numbers 13 and 38, which, according to my calculations, are, Pine Ridge Treasures and Lisa Criswell/Indigo's Beads!

I will be sending out an email today. If you would kindly supply me, via return email, with your shipping address, I will get your packages in the mail this week!

Thanks so much to everybody for entering. Logging in this morning and seeing 55 comments really blew my mind and made me so happy. I truly, truly thank you :,)


  1. I am so glad the burn is getting better. Wow what a fun weekend! I am also thrilled that you had so many entries. It's about time more bloggers got to know you and will continue to love you as much as I do! Congrats to the winners!

  2. a sparkler? lol. that's funny and sad at the same time. not a bottle rocket or anything. and husbeast? LOVE that term! i may steal it someday. it sounds like you had great fun. AND OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited and thankful for such an amazing prize!!!!! i can't remember if i left my email or not. it's indigosbeads(at)live(dot)com. thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Sorry to hear about your burn. Sounds like overall the weekend was great fun! I am so excited that I won one of the prizes. Thank you so very much!

  4. Ok, sorry. I missed the announcement at the end of this post. Was thinking about the fun you were having. Congrats to the winners.