Friday, May 4, 2012

This is Spinal Tap!

I'm not afraid to dye.
These are some t-shirts I've done recently. When I say some, I mean I've dyed like 25 shirts in the last few weeks and a small heap of onsies for my co-worker's new grandson. Tell me the one on the left doesn't look like a spine. SO FRIGGIN COOL. I love to dye. It is like a surprise every time you unfold one and rinse it out. I am highly upset with the blue from the Tulip Carosel color pack. It faded from a nice cerulean to periwinkle :( Here are some more cool ones...
I'm trying to expand beyond the basic spiral, which always looks great, butdoesn't give me the variety I want. I also need to get away from pre-packaged color kits. If I went back to the soda ash then dye I could do smaller batches because my dye wouldn't have a shelf life of 45 minutes and I wouldn't get as many stinkers. Gotta run Peace! By the way, the pics are clickable to see the other shirts. there are 3 per photo...

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