Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 bracelets and some new beads

I began this post in March. March!!! Thats how long I've been neglecting you, and how long I can apparently hold a technology grudge! Now that blogger and I have made up, I will try to get some of the back-logged stuff I've been working on up and posted!!
I have been productive this month!

I've made 2 bracelets from this month's Bead and Button. 

The first used the Power Trio by Isabella Lam. This one would have been my OTTBS entry.  The challenge this month was to use purple and grey. 

I used hematite 8/0s and silverlined dark purple Delicas and 15/0s.  I've used this color combo before and many times it gives a really cool dimensional effect.  Maybe it didn't work that way here because the beads were different sizes and not right next to each other.  (I'm serious, use some hematite colored beads and some silverlined dark purple Delicas(or any color silverlined Delicas).  The Dels recede.  Its pretty cool...)  I finished it off with a hematite colored toggle. 

I liked this pattern, even though it used cubic RAW.  I haven't tamed the beast, but I got to at least pet the beast with this bracelet, figuratively speaking.

And I made another one (I've been trying to upload photos to this damned blog since 3-19...) It uses glow-in-the-dark 8/0s with matte transparent blue Delicas and matte black 15/0s.

My second piece was also from this month's B&B.  It is from the pattern called Fantastic Features By Amanda Shero Granstrom. 

I did NO stashbusting on this one. I bought permanently distressed copper wire to make my rings, a new mandrel which is really one of thise big crochet hook knitting neede thingies, green 10mm sequins(pattern called for 12's, but I couldn't find any).  And I even had to buy a hole punch! 

I think it's worth it though. I got to play with chain maille.  I like chain maille. 

I also got a wild hare up my ass and decided that I had to make some polymer clay beads.  Of course this required me to buy more stuff.  Like clay, and blades, and a pasta roller, and seriously. I have a problem.  I don't need new hobbies.  I need to deplete some of the hobbies I currently have. :)

Anywho, here they are fresh from the oven.  I need to drill, sand, buff and glaze them still, but they're pretty.

I then went on a polymer clay book buying spree.  One is about canework.  Canes are really easy once you get the hang of them.  You just start with a picture about the size of the base of a pop can and break it up into small simple shapes. 


  1. OMG it has been way too long!!! Missed ya!

  2. I've been here, just involved in a minor war with blogger :-/ I've still been reading other blogs though(Kudos of opening a shop! And having your piece in the mag(I got it, and I was like OMG! That's Kristen's!!)

  3. AWWWW aren't you just the sweetest!!! There have certainly been some good things happening for me but it is challenging to keep the pace. I have to keep in mind I am beading for me first because if I lose that I think the creativity will go too.