Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I made something and then wore it!

One of my closest friends got married on October 6, 2012 and I couldn't be happier for him. 

He is a dear friend, one of the few from college that has really changed my life.  We got mono our freshman year from the same bottle of Apple Puckers(we think, it wasn't from kissing)!

We worked at Wendy's together! We had bubble fights and took turns being "dish bitch" together!

He told my first love that I was crazy for him.

Anyway, enough hanging out on memory lane, it'll be dark soon. 

This bracelet was made to go with the cocktail dress that I had to purchase for the occasion. The dress was picked out by my dear husbeast, who also purchased his first suit for the occasion.

It was black with a purple and black stripey skirt. Actually...here is a picture...

I knew I wanted a wide bracelet, with a little sparkle.

I had about a quarter of a pattern drawn up for another endeavor but, due to a few missing key Delica shades, it was tabled.

With my pattern in hand I selected my colors and charged ahead.

I like the finished product.  It is a little bit tapestry, a little bit sparkly, a little bit woven looking, and a little bit awesome.

I used S/L wine-y purple Treasures, hematite Delicas, black Delicas, and nickel plated Delicas. 

The clasp is hematite colored with a few Swarovski 4mm bicones.

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