Thursday, October 18, 2012

Everyone loves tie dye

My uncle suffered a stroke just before July 4 this year, to help cover medical bills, his family had a huge yard sale.

They asked for donations, crafts, baked goods, anything.

Our family is very close knit, and when one of us is in trouble, we all come together.

I did my part from 500 miles away and began tie dying. 

Everyone loves tie dye, whether they know it or not.

Everyone REALLY loves a baby in tie dye.

And so I began.

I think I dyed close to 80 shirts and onsies. My hands were purple for weeks.

There are more photos somewhere, and yeah, a few of them are pretty ugly, but with 80 something onesies, you're bound to have a stinker or two...

I also spent every car ride making hemp necklaces to send. Since these were for a yard sale, I didn't send a lot of beadwork, due to yard sale mentality of get it cheap! And I feared that people wouldn't want to pay a fair price. $5 for 15-20 minutes a few beads and a length of hemp seemed more in line.

They did very well at the sale and I'm really, really happy I could help.

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  1. Amy, this is awesome! My family is very close knit too, so I can completely relate to doing whatever you can to help out!

    How is your uncle doing with recovery? It can be a long, challenging road - but with family all around, everybody is there to support each other!