Friday, March 26, 2010

So, here I sit, with a brand spanking new blog. It's interesting how one can have so many ways to surf the internets.

First there was myspace, which really starts to feel like a swimming pool swamped by high school kids. You can't even really check in on your friends without mobsters and all that stuff getting in the way.

Then there were the Yahoo Groups, but the one I participated in died. It seemed like before I left there were lots of posts, then a few months(hell, it could have been years) later, it was dead. Automated messages still scroll through with random birthdays and the odd poster peddling patchy pants...

Next there was Facebook, which is ok, and a fair networking resource, but I really have used that lately for little more than farmville and the occasional quirky thought.

Then came Livejournal. Oh my god. That place seems a little full of looneys. It's also hard to speak your mind without flame wars.

Somewhere in time, I had a website. It is(was) . It is rather out of date, with new stuff not being added, but pretty much all the stuff posted there still lives in a box in my craft room.

Anyway, perhaps you, shiney new blog, can help me talk about my crafts, and perhaps you, shiney new blog, will help me to find some creative people to share with.

I sure have high hopes for you, shiney new blog :)

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