Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The joys of warm resin!

A long time ago, when I was younger and still looking for my place in the world, I attempted to fit in at the local card and comic book shop. Square peg, round hole. There was definitely some "Oh my gods and overlords, there's a girl in the card shop FLAVEN!" going on. I played Magic the Gathering, not well, but I tried.

I was enamored by the black cards. They had rats. I liked rats. Apparently, the mono-black card scheme that I played exclusively had its limitations. I was not good at Magic. Perhaps my deck just wasn't good.

I begrudgingly sold my cards, and moved on with my life.

While packing for my move last year, I found a few packs of cards that had not made the journey to the card shop. Well, they weren't worth anything, and they didn't take up much room, so I kept them.

I had a hankering the other day to create some resin cabs for my bead work. Those cards sure had some pretty pictures on them...Thats right nerds! I have defiled several magic cards! Mwahahahaa! Really, they were just 4 basic lands, swamps...not foreign, foil, or rare, its cool, don't light sabre me...but if I ever find a beta black lotus, I will SO make a cab out of it, out of spite! HA!
So out came my 2 part resin, popsicle sticks, cups, etc, and I startd my adventure. I poured the entire cab with one go, with room temperature resin. BIG MISTAKE(S)
The bubbles completely obscure the images. The top 2 are from Magic Cards, the bottom are a couple acrylic flowers I got on clearance at Pat Catans a week or so ago.
Crap...So I started over. I warmed my resin bottles in warm-hot water, until they were warm to the touch. I swirled the products around in the bottles, then warmed a touch longer.

Then I mixed slowly and carefully, avoiding bubbles at all cost. I only filled the selected molds halfway, let cure, then filled the rest of the way, and carefully placed my cutouts, trying to remove all bubbles as I went. Much better eh?
This is a photo of the flower cab against the light. They flowers take on a true sublety that I really kinda dig.

I think my next resin adventure with Magic Cards will be a Power Nine tile-style bracelet.


  1. That is the coolest use of resin and those cards I have yet seen! hmmm, have some old Tarot cards somewhere, used to do embroidery off the pics...wonder how they would like resin?

  2. I don't think I could do a tarot card. It seems like they would be unhappy not being able to breathe, but they may like being shown off and worn...

    From a card standpoint-treat them to a coat of mod podge, and they should do fine, but even with all my careful prepping of the resin, there are still some tiny bubbles collect on the face of the card. They don't really obscure anything, but they are there...