Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creepy, crawly, and... romanitic?

Today's from the vault were my wedding favors. I made a hundred of these little gals! This also meant I got to make several guilt free trips to the bead store for leg beads! :-D

Beaded Spiders

15mm(ish) round bead
7-8 mm round bead
10mm long bugle beads (BB)
Size 11/0 seed beads (SB)
Size 24 wire (craft wire or floral wire)
Head Pin
Round nose pliers
Wire Nippers

1. String onto wire: SB, BB, SB, BB, SB, BB, SB, BB, BB, SB, BB, SB, BB, SB, BB, SB

2. Make a 2-coil wrap at the end of the wire using your round nose pliers

3. Leaving approximately 5mm, make another wrap at the other end of your beads.
*note-you need the 5mm slack on the strung beads to attach them to the body! *

4. Cut wire from the spool. The segment should look similar to that below

5. Repeat for another 8BB string

6. Repeat using 6BB and 10BB, see below

7. Thread the 8mm bead onto the head pin.
*note-depending on the size of the bead hole, you may need to string a seed bead first to keep it on the pin.*

8. Center an 8BB wire on the head pin below the 8mm bead

9. Wrap once around the head pin

10. Repeat with the remaining leg segments in the following order 6BB, 8BB, 10BB

11. String the 15MM bead onto the headpin, snugging right up against the legs and head.

12. Form a wrapped loop at the end of the head pin
*Note-your legs will slant a little bit due to snugging them up against the head, this should happen! It’s just hard to show in a computer doodle

13. Gently curve the first and second legs forward and down on each side, and 3 and 4 back and down on each side. If your legs are floppy, make your feet wraps a little tighter and they should stiffen up!

14. Attach a piece of monofilament to your new friend’s hiney loop and hang somewhere she can scare houseguests! Or put her in a pot in your cupboard so she can scare your significant other! Or hang her from the rearview mirror in your car! Or on your desk at work! Or do as I did, and stick them in a box of M&Ms and give them away as wedding favors!

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  1. Wedding favors? I think this requires a little more of a back story don't you? :) They are cute and Halloween here I come thanks for the pattern!