Monday, June 7, 2010

I really have been beading...

Don't you hate it when you have this fantastic idea for a project as soon as you see the focal in the bead store, begging to be taken home, then you get it home and start beading it immediately then all of the sudden KA-POW! you come screeching and stumbling to a full stop? I've been at this full stop for several days now.

I got my cabs beaded, they are pink and gold and sparkly and mottled, so pretty...I surrounded them in silver-lined pink 11/0s, gold 11/0s and gold 15/0s. I then worked up a pink and gold African Polygonal Weave rope. I love this stitch. 3 beads at a time quick and dirty and it looks so cool!

I wanted to add more elements, other than the rope and the cabs, but nothing in my travel bead box looked right. I seem to hit this block every time a silverlined pink bead shows up on my work surface. (I have been trying to create a piece around a(an?) unakite cab for well over 8 years) Nothing really goes with them...except these new cabs.

I wish someone would propose a UFO swap...send the pieces you have started, partner makes them "finished."


  1. Your blog is a good read! Happy Day!

  2. We had one of these at the Beaddreamz yahoogroup, and it turned out really well...maybe you and I can do this- I am stumped with Take Me To Your Leader...everything else I come up with for this just begs to be cut apart! I only like the bail- wahhhhhh!

  3. Great article thanks. I love reading your blog.

    I bought this beading book awhile back and I wanted to say I highly recommend it. Anyone that loves beading as a hobby should have this book

  4. I think we all have some of 'those' beads in our stash. They're absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and they don't go with anything.

    Although maybe what you need here is more texture, not color. What about doing some clear crystal fringe around the cabs?

    Love the idea of a UFO swap!

  5. This is so pretty but if you wanted to you could add fringe around the cabs ( this advice is just from a looking point of view I haven't cabbed yet :) ) I do like the simplicity and color (you have to tell be about the stitch though it sounds like fun ) Thanks also for following me and you are added to my blog now too!

  6. ps I lost the comment you posted on my blog (I'm still a babe with this blogging thing :) ) could you post it again?