Thursday, July 22, 2010


Luke Luck likes lakes.
Luke's duck likes lakes.
Luke Luck licks lakes.
Luck's duck licks lakes.

Duck takes licks in lakes Luke Luck likes.
Luke Luck takes licks in lakes duck likes.
Fox in Socks

It's Thursday and I remembered to blog! On one of my many leg-bead buying trips to the beadstore while making my wedding spiders, I saw these blue and copper-ish beads sitting in a bowl. I swear Beadwildered Women in Nyack, NY knows when I'm coming and they put out tastey little bowls of wonderful because they know I will need them in my stash...Seriously, could you resist?

I then had to pick up the tube of coppery triangles to go with them, as well as the blue crystal bicones. I made the spacers and the beaded ropes using the triangles and herringbone weave.

I didn't want to do the entire necklace in herringbone, so into my UFO heap they went until one day, in a beading magazine, I found these spiral wire components and made one. Then I giggled gleefully, and made more. I linked everything together with more wire, some blue rounds, a few more of those bicones, added a handmade toggle, and this little guy graduated from the UFO heap to the finished box. Very few pieces that go into that heap ever make it back out alive, so he was lucky, very lucky :)


  1. I want that!!!!!!
    Love it!!!!!


  2. Love the copper against the cobalt! Great necklace! :)

    I'm so excited, over on Kell's beadativity blog, I was chosed to design you a piece of jewelry for our jewelry swap! I'm going to send you over an e-mail so I can make something one of a kind just for you! :)

    How fun is this? Have a terrific weekend!