Monday, July 12, 2010

Ocean Waves

What does an ocean say to a ship? Nothing it just waves...(wocka wocka wocka!)

This piece came from a trip to a bead store, and another trip to a bead store, and order from Fire Mountain, and a third bead store...

Let me expain my travel beading- I have several levels of bead storage. At home, in PA, I have The Craft Room. Which houses my bead roller bag(stuffed to the brim), a drawer(also stuffed), a desk, and a bookshelf. For beading when travelling for work for months on end, I have the tackle box and bag, and for short trips, I grab a few tubes and a ziplock baggie.

For this 8 hour flight I reached into the tackle box and pulled out a tube of beads-aqua lined clear Japanese 11/0s. Then I grabbed the first focal that I saw, black and white large oval bead. Then I started grabbing things that went with the two items above.

I peyote stitched the bead in place using the aqua, a few colors of Delica, some black 15/0s and a few drops.

I then stitched up a spiral rope with the above, and added some black 11/0s. I added beaded toggle, and called it a day.

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