Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've relocated! I'm on a project in South Carolina for the next two months or so, which is quite awesome as I've missed nearly all of the snow, ice, and general ick of a northern winter. I'm not bragging, but it is sunny and 60F outside right now. Lucky me :)

On this trip I brought all my study materials for my PE test, and have really been studying hard! I have also come to the realization that I didn't care for structural analysis in college, and I really don't care for it now, especially since I have forgotten nearly everything I had learned. Blah. The ther disciplines are coming back to me including Geo-technical engineering, water resources, fluid mechanics, construction topics, and transportation engineering(you know, where we make up fun ways to screw up your commute?) But structural analysis continues to taunt me. And so I study. and study, and study...

I brought NO BEADS with me on this trip. Smart or silly, we all knew that wouldn't last...Especially since there is a Hobby Lobby and a real live bead store within 5 minutes of my hotel. And we don't work on Saturdays. Heh...I have a very small stash now...really, absolutely tiny :)

You see, I'm always knocking on wood, or looking for wood to knock on. I've decided I should make a ring with a wooden focal so I always have something to knock on. I now need to figure out a decent ring pattern though. If anyone has a pattern or tutorial, I'd be especially glad of it. I'd even send them a wood knocker ring of their own...Really I had to buy beads. I had no choice...

I was smart enough to bring something crafty with me though. I brought my Ohio star Hallowe'en quilt with me. I have pieced 7 blocks and am working on number 8. I also have one of them quilted (with glow-in-the-dark thread)

I promise to post some pictures sooner than later of my goings on!

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  1. I was just getting ready to e-mail you with ????? but as I see you have been busy I know now that you are ok! Hey I don't have a pattern but if I get the opportunity to look for one I will.
    Stay safe and yes by all means make sure you have beads! LOL