Friday, February 4, 2011

I promised pictures!

I'm making good on my promise to provide pictures of what I've been working on.

Ok, I'm not posting pictures of the quilt I'm working on yet, that will get its own post once I get all the blocks pieced. (7 down, 5 to go :) ) This is totally one of my New Years Resoutions! However...however.... How am I supposed to not try this technique...

This is called Lost in the Stars by bruceseeds on Etsy. If someone wanted to buy me one of these, I could keep my resolution and not try making one...nah, I'd still want to make one.

I've been drooling over these quilts for like 2 days. It is shear resolve and lack of rotary cutter in my luggage that I'm not scrambling for the fabric store right this second.

I've done some beading from my new teeny tiny stash.

First, the wood knocker ring. I'm not happy with this ring. It's too big and just seems wrong somehow. I've seen this style done by others and it looks great. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but 1997 class ring is all its saying.

I think It may retire to the land of lessons learned until I find a better method.

The Husbeast picked out these beads at the bead store. He thought they were pretty, and they are. (Isn't it nice to have an enabler who picks up things and puts them into your basket?) These pictures show a dark forest-y green, but the beads are much less dark in real life, and they are transparent, so the light play adds to the interest.

I used my secret (even to me) car stash of Czech 11/0s in a nice green-y green. I used herringbone stitch to create spacers and used a few Japanese 11/0s in a matte semi ab gray. The beads themselves seem to be green, frosted with an AB semi-stardust finish with cuts to show the green core. I finished t off with a toggle (that actually toggles!)

The third piece I made is a bracelet from the new Super Beadwork quick and easy section. I used silver 15/0s, AB black Tohos Treasures, Hematite Japanese 11/0s, 8/0 AB Black seeds, Adventurine 4mm rounds, and Chinese half AB adventurine funny shaped thingies (rondelles?)

It is basically a three strand strung bracelet with a fancy toggle. I do NOT recommend using the toggle ring pattern from the magazine. I have a good toggle ring pattern I like, and should have used. Trying to "zip" the damned thing together, I popped like 4 beads in the ring. If you do use the pattern as per the mag, start with a row using treasures, then do all the 15/0s, then finish with the bigger beads. It is easier to zip the outside than the inside. Shame on me for not thinking about it until it was too late...

I do like the bracelet. The pale grey-green against the oily AB just makes it really special. I bought another strang of the crystals in a dusty blue and may make another one. Maybe I'll do something else with them. I don't know yet.

Well, that's all for now kids. See you next time :)

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