Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hexagonal Sophisticate

This necklace was inspired by the Contest at My Lovely Beads. My blue is a little too dark, but the pink is spot on, in my opinion. I don't think I would enter the piece, but it gave me an opportunity to make something...different. I can see the possibility of working with angular donuts in the future. Also, if anyone knows what is meant by "more than 50% seed beads" please enlighten me. 50% by weight? Length of finished piece? Costs asociated with? I am really clueless. I had my share of problems with this one. Those dastardly pink Delicas really tested my patience. They cut the thread at least 3 times per donut.

I in my head, this necklace was a show stopper with lots of hexagons and artistic expression, but instead I got something simple, potentially wearable, and just a little bit sophisticated. It's like the clothing line inspired by the fashion show.

I used a 16mm Swarovski Rivoli, pale lavender Swarovski 3mm bicones, pink satin and silver-lined dark blue Delicas, silver lined clear Japanese 15/0s, silver chain, silver jump rings, and a silver barrel clasp.


  1. I love Rivolis! Great Necklace. regards Stefanie

  2. That is one of the coolest things about beading- starting out in one direction, ending in another, and loving both the process and the end product...barring the frogstitching,that is LOL! Aryd'ell