Monday, April 19, 2010

Tree's Company

I know, I know, I'm punny :)

I made a tree. I'd lie to you and say it is in honor of Earth Day, but it isn't. It's in honor of the sparkly acrylic flowers and leaves that I couldn't leave behind at the craft store.

Later this week I'll post a tree tutorial, with pictures and alternate options for flowers and leaves.

This was also the perfectly portable project for my temporary relocation to New Jersey. If I try to bring a seed bead project on the road, I generally end up with more beads spilled on me, under my butt, and on the floor of the truck than I do We just started up a six month project in Secaucus. That means that I had to pack 6 months worth of beads and bead accessories in a tackle box.

It took me somewhere between 4 and 6 hours to pack my beads. It took less than 20minutes to pack my clothes. You can see where my priorities lay.

However, I am a mere 26 miles from one of my two favorite bead stores, however. Beadwildered Women in Nyack, NY. I really, REALLY wish they had a website, so I could plug them more thoroughly. That place is stuffed absolutely full of the coolest, oddest, most wonderful things you sould ever bead, use, look at, wonder what to do with, etc. and the women who work there are so sweet. It really is like your Granny's attic, if your Granny's attic were full of beads. (PS my second most favorite bead store is Beyond Beads North in Spokane, WA, so I'm entitled to 2 favorites if they're 2500+ miles apart. Their seed bead/crystal selection is unmatched in my travels. LOVE THEM!)

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