Thursday, April 15, 2010

The very first

Today's From The Vault is the very first beadworked necklace I completed waaaaaaaaay back in the day. I think I might have been either in my first year of college, or possibly still in high school. This was back in the day before 11/0's, 15/0's, WAY before delicas, before gemstones and crystals.

Friends, this is Stormy Night

It is peyote stitch and tubular netting in silver lined blue and black 10/0's, or whatever the craft store baggies of beads are. They are marketed as 10/0's now. There are some silverlined gold beads scattered throughout, and the focal is a 1" round mirror.

I'm not sure what the bead caps are, but they are superglued in place, and are a gold metal. I was so proud when I finished it.

What was your first beadworked piece? Can you see similarities between that piece and your most recent? Is your white thread showing (mine totally is!)


  1. Beautiful colors, beautiful necklace:-) regards Stefanie

  2. I have mine to find the courage to actually post it on my blog!