Monday, April 5, 2010

Raspberry magic

Remember those cabs made from Magic Cards I posted about a week ago? Well, I made something from some of them. Initially, I wanted to make another Laura McCabe ball, but, the cabs said no, they wanted to do something else.

I wrapped them in 11/0s, 15/0s and delicas, alternating a lovely raspberry color and grey tones, and a deep transparent plum and grey. I like the effect of the contrast between murky and HERE-I-AM color. The pink and purple also pull their colors from the cabs, which is nice.
The cabs had something of a lip at the base, not much, but enough that a ring of beads to encircle just above the lip wouldn't stretch over the lip for a secure closure. An increase on the third round of pinks solved that, and gave a really cool squared circle effect.
I also learned a new stitch, which I used for the necklace. Friends, may I introduce Dutch Spiral? It is actually a pretty easy stitch, one you get past the first two rounds. I didn't do any of the increases the tutorial mentions excepting the ones in the second round. I can see myself using this one again soon. The necklace is made from 11/0s in purple and pink, matte grey Delicas, black 15/0s and silver lined purple 15/0s.
I like the effect of the spiral tubes, with the cabs, and a few jet crystals thrown in. I'm pleased with it. I'm not so pleased with the way the pink is showing up as purpley in these photos. It's more of a Crayola Hot Magenta, than the weird purple you see here.


  1. This is really nicely done- love the squared edges on the circular cabs- adds alot of interest. Dutch Spiral IS fun- it was one of the first I learned from an old Jewelry Crafts mag, now borrowed and never returned. You have reminded me to go back to my roots. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am going to have alot of fun poking about yours!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can't believe I've never done Dutch Spiral until now, but it was pretty easy, and worked up pretty quickly, which is always nice :)