Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunshine Daydream

When I first started beading, I had a very specific goal in mind, very specific clientele, and a very specific idea of what kind of bead artist I wanted to be when I grew up. None of that ever happened. I never met those clentele (or any clientele, really) but the bead passion didn't decrease.

I wanted to make hippie-style jewelry, for hippie-style folks. I wanted to follow bands around the country and pay my way through beads. It never happened. I never had the time or money to realize my goal. What is interesting is that the life I wanted, that beautiful vagabond life, is a part of my life now, but instead of following the music, I follow hazardous waste(and help clean it up).

One of the fruits of my then-dream was this little necklace. I made it while working as a security guard (after I'd finished my engineering homework, or maybe it was during summer break). I'd hoped that one day some happy carefree person would wear my necklace and be as carefree as I wanted to be.

Friends, this is my daydream-

It is made from Japanese 11/0s, in a combination of herringbone and netting, the focal is a quartz point, suspended in peyote stitch.


  1. Did it find a home, or were you unable to let go of it??LOL! It is perfectly hippy!!

  2. That's beautiful :) I hope it finds the perfect home someday if it hasn't already!