Thursday, April 8, 2010

Labradorite squared

It's Thursday! Which means only one more day until Friday! Woohoo!

And it also means that it's time for Thurdays-From the Vault! Dum dum DUUUUUM! (you also get interesting sound effects on Thursday )

This is a necklace I created in 2008. The focal is a wirewrapped Labradorite bead. I had fully intended to use silver wire for this one, but I practiced with non-tarnishing silver craft wire, and I was so pleased with the result that I never changed it...

It is REALLY hard to capture the fire of labradorite. The photo above gives you a nice view of the fire in the labradorite round to the left of the focal, and a tiny bit of the fire in the center bead. It's like trying to capture a photo of some weird blue-green fish swimming in murky water...

The color in this photo is all wrong. The labradorite substantially less green in real life, more like the first photo. The necklace colors were picked to reflect the colors of the labradorite, and their fire. They are a transparent grey and a color that can best be described as dirty dark turquoise. I used 4-sided African Polyginal stitch, and that kicked off the square thing going on in the jump rings. I used labradorite rounds and silver "stardust" beads to complete the necklace. It is finished off with a handmade clasp.


  1. are your photos not clickable? I would love to have seen this full-size, one of the better perks of this blog host. What can see looks very nice, indeed.

  2. I think I fixed them...they click for me now. Apparently if you upload, then drag and drop the images when creating a post, they aren't clickable. If you use the html editor, they are fine...