Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The trouble with toggles

I have the worst trouble with toggles. Really, I do. It seems like the bar is always to long and/or the ring is too small. Well, unless the bar is too short and the ring is too big. This happens nearly as frequently.

You see, I made this bracelet over the weekend. The design was inspired by Charlene's 1-2-3 bracelet. I like the bracelet, and may wear it.

I really made the bracelet so I could make the toggle. In my head, it worked out perfectly. There was a square toggle ring to connecting to a bar with cubezoidal ends.

I stitched and attached and well, the flingin-flangin bar was too flingin-flangin long and I had to mush the ring to get it through at all. Stupid toggles. There really is no happy medium for me.

In other news, I worked on my husbeast's halloween costume. He is going as Poseidon, God of the seas. I'm going as Medusa. More on this story later...

I also very nearly bought a lobster costume for the cat beast. Pretty sure Marvin would not have a approved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm still out here...somewhere...

Work has been absolutely nuts lately! I've quite literally been burning the midnight oil...seriously I was up til 1145 last night working on this:

This is an Autocad drawing of an area of our marsh. These take between 2-3 hours to complete, depending on whether the contour drawing program decides to work correctly(it didn't yesterday) and keep track of 30 large pieces of earthmoving equipment, and who is in them, and what they did, are doing, and will be doing tomorrow. And keep our dirt moving far enough ahead of the planters...and make sure the surveyors are on track. And play with the cat-beast.

I take pride in creating these drawings. I really think they are beautiful when they are done. :)

I have spent a moment here and there doing crafty things. For example, I made another necklace for a co-worker, in the colors of his football team. And then I wire-wrapped a shark's tooth and applied it to a necklace for our superintentant whilst doing laundry the other day.

I also made one of two Cubeys from a kit by Charlene over at More than Somewhat. She does awesome beadwork, let me tell you!

I have also scrounged up a few moments here and there to start sewing things together and making a few of these

They will eventually meet up with their friends and become a quilt. Hand piecing gives me a small sense of pride. This one I plan to do mostly by hand. Hand cut, hand pieced, hand quilted. I think it will be handy :) And the corners may not match up exactly. I think that is more due to cutting than sewing, though.

Also, I heart Hallowe'en fabrics with spiders with googly eyes. Especially if the fabric includes glitter.

Really, I am a sucker for glitter and spiders. They were in my centerpieces at my wedding last Hallowe'en.

And on the tables

I think one or two ended up in my grandma's hair by the end of the evening:)