Friday, February 18, 2011

I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at trader vic's

His hair was perfect.

The same could mot be said about mine. I tried out a new conditioner, Loreal's new Everstrong Hydrating sulfate free conditioner, to be precise. The shampoo is great. The conditioner turned my hair into a bird's nest. Half a bottle of detangler later...


I haven't heard anything else about the situation in my previous email. We've recovered 230k of the 480k I had miscalculated. It's something...

Today I'm posting pictures of my quilt so far. I've pieced all but one of the star blocks and quilted a "filler" block. I've quilted 4 of the stars as well.

What do you think?

Marvin had to investigate...He has recently decided that if I'm doing something, he should be sitting in the middle of it. It's very difficult to turn pages in books with a catbutt in the way...If I have a quilt block in the hoop, he feels the need to curl up on it if I set it down somewhere.

I'm thinking of filling the filler blocks with different Hallowe'eny type song lyrics. Or just weird lyrics. Or maybe some Hallowe'en clip art outlines. My backstitching needs some work, but I like it (and it glows in the dark)

This is the back of one of the quilted star blocks. My quilting stitches need more practice to be more even, but I have lots of blocks to go to perfect them.

No beading this week-I just haven't had time. But I really feel like I'm getting somewhere with the PE preparation. I finished a whole book of practise problems that was put out by the same people who administer the test. Out of the 80 questions therein, I missed 16, but I have learned why I missed those 16, and can now correctly solve them. I'm also nearly halfway through another study guide, which had thousands of problems in it.

I have to keep asking myself, did I know all this stuff at one point? Holy Crap I've forgotten a LOT.

Monday, February 7, 2011

pensive and apprehensive

It has been a really rough weekend. Really really rough, but not the "woe is me the (insert team here) lost" kind of rough. Like uncertain future rough.

A bomb was dropped on me at 445 Friday afternoon.

My last project in New Jersey was the biggest project in my company's history. The quantity billing and such fell mostly upon me as I was in constant contact with the surveying outfit, and between my estimates, and their hard numbers, I was able to come up with a fairly close final total.

I used the numbers they gave me, and we billed as such and everything was all well and good. Until we asked them for a final quantity.

They came back 23000+/- cy less than my numbers. Apparently I double counted in several areas. I asked them, how is this possible? They said we gave you a total for phase 1 and phase 2 together, not separately. But you gave them separately before, why did you change and not note it? We noted it once...

Long story short, this is a $430,000 problem. Because of my numbers, we have overbilled by $430,000.

I might lose my job over this.

I will probably lose my job, or else my existance at this job will become so miserable that I will wish I had lost my job.

My field is so specialised, and this is all I have done since college. I'm spoiled for any other engineering adventure unless I go back and start from an entry level position.

My position here is an entry level one, so even if I go to another of the few companies who do what we do, I'll be starting from scratch.

I don't mind that, as at least I'll have something, but am I too experienced? Would they expect too much from me?

I've been as nervous as skinned monkey in a briar patch all weekend waiting for the axe to fall. I just wish I knew something.

Update- I may have gotten my immediate boss fired too. We're all kinda sitting around awaiting our fates. He just had a new baby. This wasn't his fault, and I just told him as much. I told him to do all the finger pointing at me and save his own ship if he can.

However, "There's always something to be glad about" to quote Haley Mills in Pollyanna. To keep my mind off this in short bursts, I pieced 2 more blocks for my quilt over the weekend, and got in a good days of studying.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I promised pictures!

I'm making good on my promise to provide pictures of what I've been working on.

Ok, I'm not posting pictures of the quilt I'm working on yet, that will get its own post once I get all the blocks pieced. (7 down, 5 to go :) ) This is totally one of my New Years Resoutions! However...however.... How am I supposed to not try this technique...

This is called Lost in the Stars by bruceseeds on Etsy. If someone wanted to buy me one of these, I could keep my resolution and not try making one...nah, I'd still want to make one.

I've been drooling over these quilts for like 2 days. It is shear resolve and lack of rotary cutter in my luggage that I'm not scrambling for the fabric store right this second.

I've done some beading from my new teeny tiny stash.

First, the wood knocker ring. I'm not happy with this ring. It's too big and just seems wrong somehow. I've seen this style done by others and it looks great. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but 1997 class ring is all its saying.

I think It may retire to the land of lessons learned until I find a better method.

The Husbeast picked out these beads at the bead store. He thought they were pretty, and they are. (Isn't it nice to have an enabler who picks up things and puts them into your basket?) These pictures show a dark forest-y green, but the beads are much less dark in real life, and they are transparent, so the light play adds to the interest.

I used my secret (even to me) car stash of Czech 11/0s in a nice green-y green. I used herringbone stitch to create spacers and used a few Japanese 11/0s in a matte semi ab gray. The beads themselves seem to be green, frosted with an AB semi-stardust finish with cuts to show the green core. I finished t off with a toggle (that actually toggles!)

The third piece I made is a bracelet from the new Super Beadwork quick and easy section. I used silver 15/0s, AB black Tohos Treasures, Hematite Japanese 11/0s, 8/0 AB Black seeds, Adventurine 4mm rounds, and Chinese half AB adventurine funny shaped thingies (rondelles?)

It is basically a three strand strung bracelet with a fancy toggle. I do NOT recommend using the toggle ring pattern from the magazine. I have a good toggle ring pattern I like, and should have used. Trying to "zip" the damned thing together, I popped like 4 beads in the ring. If you do use the pattern as per the mag, start with a row using treasures, then do all the 15/0s, then finish with the bigger beads. It is easier to zip the outside than the inside. Shame on me for not thinking about it until it was too late...

I do like the bracelet. The pale grey-green against the oily AB just makes it really special. I bought another strang of the crystals in a dusty blue and may make another one. Maybe I'll do something else with them. I don't know yet.

Well, that's all for now kids. See you next time :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've relocated! I'm on a project in South Carolina for the next two months or so, which is quite awesome as I've missed nearly all of the snow, ice, and general ick of a northern winter. I'm not bragging, but it is sunny and 60F outside right now. Lucky me :)

On this trip I brought all my study materials for my PE test, and have really been studying hard! I have also come to the realization that I didn't care for structural analysis in college, and I really don't care for it now, especially since I have forgotten nearly everything I had learned. Blah. The ther disciplines are coming back to me including Geo-technical engineering, water resources, fluid mechanics, construction topics, and transportation engineering(you know, where we make up fun ways to screw up your commute?) But structural analysis continues to taunt me. And so I study. and study, and study...

I brought NO BEADS with me on this trip. Smart or silly, we all knew that wouldn't last...Especially since there is a Hobby Lobby and a real live bead store within 5 minutes of my hotel. And we don't work on Saturdays. Heh...I have a very small stash now...really, absolutely tiny :)

You see, I'm always knocking on wood, or looking for wood to knock on. I've decided I should make a ring with a wooden focal so I always have something to knock on. I now need to figure out a decent ring pattern though. If anyone has a pattern or tutorial, I'd be especially glad of it. I'd even send them a wood knocker ring of their own...Really I had to buy beads. I had no choice...

I was smart enough to bring something crafty with me though. I brought my Ohio star Hallowe'en quilt with me. I have pieced 7 blocks and am working on number 8. I also have one of them quilted (with glow-in-the-dark thread)

I promise to post some pictures sooner than later of my goings on!