Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution 2012

Well lets see a re-cap from last year's
 get taller. .  Yeah-still holding steady at 5'5.75
study for my PE and pass my PE in April. Yes! I passed it! got my own embossing seal and a stamp to prove it!!
Is resolving to never get another address wrong a resolution? Not this year
Can I resolve to finish at least two of the five quilts I have started? I can, but in reality, I'll probably just start one or two more...Umm...finished the quilt for my BFF, and my mom quilted Grandma's star, and the Hallowe'en quilt is nearly done.  And I scrapped one that I had started, but replaced it with that damned storm at check.
de-stash some beads-not really. not at all.  i had some major sprees this year that were not followed by destashing of any magnitude. FAIL...I do resolve to cut apart everything in my "to cut apart" pile and finish 2 things in my UFO pile. Nope...

I also resolve to 'boop' Marvin's nose, at least once a day :) I think I got that one :)

For 2012,
I resolve to get taller...again

 I resolve to bead at least 10 ornaments, throughout the year or all at once doesn't matter, either way. 

I resolve to blog at least once every 2 weeks, preferrably more, but 70+ hours of work doesn't leave much time :(

I resolve to finish one quilt completely on my own without having to say Moooooooooooom! fix this?

I resolve to start an OBW quilt. And piece no less than 30 sets of triangles OR start my friends' quilt involving circles in a fractal design.

That's reasonable, yeah?