Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing With Tilas

So-in the latest Beadwork, there was a project called Morrocan Tiles by Heather Kahn. Having recently acquired a small stash of Tilas, I thought I'd give it a go.

Of course, I didn't have quite the perfect color combination, but in real life, the red Tilas aren't nearly as red, and the black isn't nearly as black. Apparently AB finishes are really hard to photograph (especially with a cell phone :) ) Actually, the whole look is better in person. I promise...

The pattern was clear and easy to follow, although, starting out, usually there is a "string a stop bead" or tie into a circle, or what have you, but it seems that the natural thread path is the stopper here, which I found out after about row 2 and was pleasantly surprised.

The hardest part of the entire beading event was adding the accent beads on top. If I make another of these, I think I will add the accent beads during construction, as it was REALLY difficult to needle through the middle of the components. I only chipped one Tila, but I can see how the beader could easily break one, and if one is broken, I'm not sure how to even think about replacing it. You may have to unbead the entire bracelet at that point...eek.

It seems that you could do each tile separately, or all together, which is what I did. If you did them tile by tile, replacing a tile seems like it wouldn't be as difficult.

The base of the bracelet seems like it would really support many different types of embellishment, with the only trick being weaving through already woven tilas. Perhaps it would be better to work with a slightly loose tension? I don't know...

Has anyone else tried this design? If so, how did you fare?

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Stuff!

I may be a glutton for punishment...

My mom asked me if I wanted to try my hand at piecing a quilt top for her. It was the least I could do since she quilted my top for me. I said I would give it a go. It took me 10 hours on Saturday to complete a single block. OM-friggin-G. Why did I do this to myself? Anyone?

Although, it is a pretty bitchin block...It is aptly called Storm at Sea

This a quarter of another in progress. All the major stuff is done, I just need to join the four quarters and its ready for a new home...

This is a cuff that I finished beading Saturday after I became thoroughly frustrated with the Storm. It isn't finished, as it isn't backed and is just kinda sitting there on the felt stabilizer, but it is very nearly done.

It uses about a billion (actually about 20) different seed beads including 15/o, 11/o, delicas, Toho treasures, cubes, triangles, hex cuts, etc...

The focal is a Magic the Gathering resin cab I made. Don't ask what card it used to be, because I haven't the foggiest.

There are also labradorite rectangles and 4 cubic zirconia stones. The CZ came from a friend of my mother's who was cleaning out some of her stuff. Apparently she used to sell jewelry, and asked my mom if I knew anyone who made jewelry. My mom mentioned me and now I have a sack full of CZ, imitation sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. in little brown envelopes. I'll post more thoroughly about those in the future.

This is a bracelet I made while playing around with RAW. I can't remember where the inspiration came from as I printed it out a long long time ago, but the final result differs significantly from the inspo.

This one was a bit of a pain in the ass, as it were. I don't do RAW regularly, so it was good to stretch my boundaries.

I like the colors, they are so vibrant and summerlike, but I'm not sure how I feel about the bracelet. Well, it was an excercise, and I accomplished what I set out to do, which was to play with RAW.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bit disty around here innit?

Clearly I am not the bestest housekeeper :)

I am still around, and I have 2 or 3 things that I will be posting about very VERY soon, probably not this weekend though. I have to travel back to the Pitsbugh area for work, and for me. Every silver lining has a touch of grey...

My husband is working in Pittsburgh right now, and I am in Tennessee, which sucks for both of us, but he is working, so that is a good thing.

I get to see him this weekend, but I have a funeral to attend tomorrow, which is a huge blow to my family. My dad's best friend has passed away from a massive blockage in his heart. He was in a coma for almost 2 weeks. He taught me to play guitar. I still have one of his guitars. He told me to keep it as long as I practised. I am going to pick it back up. I miss it. I need to spend a few hours a week with it, just me and it.

Some of my earliest memories are times at Rick's house, playing with his kids. The last time I think I saw him was at my wedding in 2009. He said he was dressed as a mourner. I had a passing thought of attending his funeral as a bride, but I don't think anyone would get it. It will just be another good memory.

I think I may be one of those eternal optimist people, no matter how sarcastic or strange I may think I am. Yes, something sad or traumatic has happened, but what are the good things that go along with it? He is at peace. He is whole and hale. He is with his loved ones who have gone before. He hung on long enough to allow his family and friends a short adjustment period so the blow of his death has lessened slightly. That's a luxury many don't get, and it helps. It really does...

Actually, it's Thursday isn't it? I have a fitting piece of "from the vault" If I'm not mistaken...

I called this necklace "Touch of Grey"

The color scheme was taken from the idea of clouds, with silver linings, with a touch of grey...It's made from 11/o seed beads, and glass fish tank pebbles. I want to say the strap is chevron chain, but don't quote me on that.