Friday, November 18, 2011

Two more medicine bags!

Only have time for a quickie today, I wish I had more time!!!! but I don't, but you'll all be pleased to know that next week starts Ornament Time! Pretty stoked about that :) That just might mean regular posts for a few weeks!

Ok, remember last time we met, I was working on medicine bags for my father-in-law? Well, I've finished 2 more, for the brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

BIL's bag depicts a little darks brown bear under the moonlight and the Big Dipper. He is pretty dark, but it's night, and he is a bear. you shouldn't be able to see him :) He is done with Delicas, and Czech 11/0s, with an elk ivory and a cougar claw, beaded on felt and attached to the leather pouch.

SIL's is playing double duty as my OTTBS entry. It is another elk ivory (which I have figured out how to polish, and is super shiney) it uses a few shades of green Delicas, a few shades of red, a little gray ad a touch of copper, and some red 15/0s. Her favorite flow is called indian paintbrush.

Do you think I did the inspiration justice?