Friday, December 30, 2011

Better late than never right?

Six, Seven, and Eight, respectively

I made number 6 on the way from Tennessee to my home near Pittsburgh. 

I used clear Tilas, magatamas, 11/0s, and some dagger beads over this super deep purple semi-matte ornament. 

 The pattern was loosely based on a project in Beadwork involving Tilas, but I didn't have the magazine accessible in the truck, so I went by memory.  This one is for the husbeast, whose favorite color.

Number seven was made while I was at home.  This one will eventually make its way to my parents-in-law.  I used some beautiful deer antler buttons that I found at the Powder Horn Trading Company in Kalispell, Montana. 

I also used peachy-ish colored pearls that I found there.  The idea with the buttons came from Bead and Button (I think...) there was a pattern using vintage shank buttons.  I altered the 2-hole style of the buttons with a bit of wire to work the pattern.  I covered the wire with a few 11/0s.

I used 4mm pearls and 6mm pearls, buttons, 11/0s in dark matte brown, silver-lined blue 11/0s, transparent blue 8/0s (in place of the 3mm beads)

I made number 8 on the way back from Pittsburgh.  It happened after a failed herringbone attempt at a rivoli bezel, then a failed netted bezel, and a failed peyote bezel.  I don't know what was going on, so I gave up and did other things with different beads.  I seem to have forgotten to take photos of number 8.  Crap.  Well next time, I'll tell you all about it :)

Then I got sidetracked when I got home and startd back on the Hallowe'en quilt.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 and a bag

I have been beading in my free moments.  I really really have...
I started working on an ornament using Laura McCabe's Eiffel Tower Ring pattern from Beading Across America but, when she says size 15 Czech Charlottes, I think she means it.  Now I have  weird purple thingie sitting on my bead tray.  It kinda looks like one of those little tables that comes in a pizza box.  I didn't get to the add the rivoli part. I gave up.  Poor little guy.

I did finish another ornament.  I'm calling it Creamsicle.  It has lots of silver lined orange Delicas and pearls. 

The focals are beads from Hobby Lobby.  I like it.

I also finished my medicine bag for my father in law.  I decided, afte seeing a magpie for the first time over Thanksgiving, that a magpie would be a most fitting creature to represent me.  They are smart, they like shiny stuff, and they hoard things.  Me to a tee. :)

He is black, white, and iridescent blue/black Delicas and Treasures and 15/0s in black and white, beaded on felt, on leather, with an elk ivory, obviously .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ding Ding Round 1!

Ornament time is upon us. Damn near passed us by! EEK!

Here are numbers 2, 3, and 4.

What happened to #1? (remember the flamingos?)

Anywho, the second ornament of the year features a black shatterproof ball, beaded over with rainbow sherbert colors. (11/0sin magenta, orange, and electric slime green)

It is simple netting but the progression of colors does really cool stuff, dunnit Ern?

Looks even cooler spinning around in circles :)

Number 3 s a gift for two of our closest friends. They made mention that they have never received an ornament, so I asked their Christmas colors, and they replied magenta and turqouise, but its a dusty magenta and a blue-y turquoise. I think my colors are a bit vibrant, but I am pleased anyway.

It features magenta 11/0s turquoise 11/0s, turquoise fire polished beads, turquoise acrylic flowers and magenta drop beads.

Finally is number 4. I am all about rivolis and ornaments now. This one has blue rivolis with a peacock finish, small blue-green rounds, and gold 15/0s.

I like it even if the cover is too loose in one place and too loose in another. I think I'll call it blue jean.