Friday, January 7, 2011


It's the new year, and I, like millions of other people have my resolutions. Maybe I'm odd, but I have public resolutions and private resolutions. I guess the private resolutions are almost like admitting failure at something and if I reveal them to others, they will laugh at me. They don't though...

I make the public resolutions to give them something to laugh at instead.

This is the third year I have resolved to get taller. The original rationale for this was that it was a resolution I was going to break anyway, might as well make it ridiculous.

My real resolutions are more difficult

I don't make the grand statement of goals. I have little goals that I carry out through the day. I guess I resolve to study for my PE and pass my PE in April.
Is that a resolution? It's more of a necessity. And it (hopefully) won't last the whole year.

Is resolving to never get another address wrong a resolution?

Can I resolve to finish at least two of the five quilts I have started? I can, but in reality, I'll probably just start one or two more...

Can I resolve to de-stash some of my beads? In the quilter sense of measure what you have and what you use and what you buy? How would one even do that? Certainly not bead by by tube? I don't know...I really should lay out my stash one of these days. I would actually like to see it all laid out :)

I do resolve to cut apart everything in my "to cut apart" pile and finish 2 things in my UFO pile. I think thats a real resolution right?

I also resolve to 'boop' Marvin's nose, at least once a day :)