Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jelly-Fish Sojourn

This was another June Ornament.

  I bead on planes, it's how I roll-er-fly...I needed a bead project to take with me on a fill-in trip to Texarkana back in June. The jelly fish was NOT going.

I had a vision of blue-grey beads, silver chain, and some other whatnot. I was thinking "kinda bad-assed ornament that a guy could hang on his tree and not think, OMG this is the frilliest thing I have ever seen, I'll just grit my teeth and smile and say thanks..."

So I picked out some beads, a pearly light blue, some 4mm crystals, some twisted Michael's crystals in blue/grey from the clearance rack, I think there were pearls involved, some steely gray chain, and some little metal findings.

I began with a rough idea, found a pattern that kinda went along with it then deviated severely :-)
Be not fooled by how this one sits on the wine glass.  I need a photography tent. And a hanger thingy if I'm ever going to be happy with a photo I take of my beadwork.

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