Thursday, December 27, 2012

The blessings of being able to chew

So the dry socket seems to have healed, nearly, if not totally and I'm able to eat stuff requiring chewing again.  I can't yawn as enormously as usual yet, because the "hinge" is still tight, but it should loosen up.

I made a necklace with one of my upper teeth(the one from the last post, actually) 

I took it, in its unfinished state, to the dentist last Thursday when I had a revisit for more tooth hole packing, and the dentist who was taking care of me was super impressed, and called for more dental professionals.  There were photos taken and such.

I showed my mouth jewelry to my family as well. They were all like wow that's so pretty! Then after a closer look..what is that in the center? OHMYGOD its a tooth ewwwwwww!

A few of my cousins were impressed, but they're teenage boys, so...

I made a spiral rope with matte transparent blue and green delicas, and opaque size 15/0s.
I also added a few FW pearls and silverlined gold delicas near the pendant.
The tooth itself was wrapped with the same blue and green delicas, with green fringe ending in black 3.4mm drops.
A simple toggle (that toggles!) ended the ordeal.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and if  I'm not back by then, Happy New Year!

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