Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

Well, my friends, it's time to play every one's favorite game of what did I do this year?

My resolutions were as follows:

I resolve to get taller...again-Again, no dice. But I bought some spiky heeled boots :)

I resolve to bead at least 10 ornaments, throughout the year or all at once doesn't matter, either way.
Yes! Jellyfish, snowmanNorthern Lights(in Old Age), Jelly-fish sojourn(blue w/chains), Christmas in July, Cubed, Ring around the Rosie(a pocket full of spears), Greyscale, Creamsicle florette, and House of Cards I even did one or two more! But I didn't photograph them! Nor blog about them! I also frogged a few, which started out with great ideas, but then went south. Souther...Past the bayou and the swamps south.

I resolve to blog at least once every 2 weeks, preferrably more, but 70+ hours of work doesn't leave much time :(  FAILED MISERABLY..stupid blogger...

I resolve to finish one quilt completely on my own without having to say Moooooooooooom! fix this? YES! The Halloween quilt was all me and my on mstakes :)

I resolve to start an OBW quilt. And piece no less than 30 sets of triangles OR start my friends' quilt involving circles in a fractal design. Yeah...didn't happen. But I did start a dresden plate quilt. Seriously, like 2 days ago...and have pieced 2 plates and cut out for 4 more.

For 2013-
2013 is going to be about paring down and using the things I have.

I resolve to appreciate things more

I resolve not to sweat when I don't post for a few weeks(months). I WILL post, just not regularly. For that, I'm sorry. But it is unfair to myself and to loyal readers to tell you an outright fib. Also, I've just delved into another quilt.  They are perpetual works in progress, and quite boring to show progress on a block that looks just like it's brother.
I resolve to save more money. I do not need to break $100 at the craft/bead/fabric store to make the trip worth it. Each is a half hour or less away.

I resolve to not buy more fabric. I will plan and jot down ideas and colors, but not purchase more fabric. I have fabric for 6 quilts in my stash. I have 3 in various states of progress(read block or less). I need to use what I have before I buy more. (Note-fabric to finish project excluded.)

I resolve to not grow a new hobby, and to use things I've already got. On that note-can I interest anyone in some polymer clay canes?  I'll post pictures later-I like making the canes, but don't like how the things I make with them turn out.

NO MORE INCOMING MTG CARDS! Self, you are never going to play again. Really, we've been over this...sigh  Pick the pretty, make your cabs, and sell the rest.

Participate in OTTBS every month and pare down that absurd bead stash

Open an Etsy store? This is iffy. I want to sell my canes and cabs, and some beaded whatnot. I would also like to sell some catnip toys.  (They're a big hit with the 6 cats who got them for Christmas this year)

Oh, and get taller :)

And so this isn't a photoless ramble, here is a picture of a kitten with a catnip toy. Rest in peace Suki. We miss you.

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  1. You crack me up Amy! I love your year in review... funny, I try to get taller every year and alas, I'm still 5'3 (and a HALF)" tall... at least I'm not shrinking yet.

    Sending strength to you so you do not grow another hobby... or sending you a referral for a great hobby shrink. ;) LOL Either way, keep on sharing your crafty goodness! You inspire us with every blog post you make... regardless of how often they are.