Friday, November 30, 2012


I asked my favorite couple (our go-to co-Halloweeners) what their Christmas colors were this year, and after some thought, they decided upon greyscale.


And fun!

And a bit of a challenge!

How to use blacks and greys, but being translatable to other multi-color years...hmmmm

First a quick dip into the beads. I had some silver 4mm, and 6mm rounds, some pewter colored plastic roses in 6ish aand 8ish mm, some smokey grey bicones, and black 11/0s and 15/0s.

I found a pattern for a pendant in an old Beadwork(the issue has a large brownish beaded basket on the front)

Using the roses this way, obviously not intentionally sideways, took away a bit of their obvious plasticity, and made them grow up just a hair.

I harnessed them to the ornament in a pretty simple manner, and stuck the thing on a matte white ornament.  I think I accomplished the task at hand, as it looks the same in black and white.  The above photo is not black and white, but it could be!


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