Saturday, November 3, 2012

The northern lights, in old age

This is another of those droopy Victorian ornaments. I make one every year.  Every year since the first, they fail to meet my expectations.  It's like an addict forever chasing that first high.

However, they give me a reason to buy the seed bead mixes from Hobby Lobby.

The mix I couldn't live without is a mix of black, clear, pale blue, gold lined light blue, hematite, clear grey, etc.

I used clear Tilas for the ladder stacked supports, which I actually prefer to the traditional bugles. I also used AB clear bugles as the other half of the swag.

I definitely prefer this ornament to 2010's not so great swaggy ornament.  The colors work pretty well.  I might have to do another ornament in this colorway seeing as how I have an enormous amount of beads left over.

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