Saturday, November 10, 2012

House of cards

There is a superintendant where I work who goes by the name of Frank.

He is my favorite superintendant.

He is also a big fan of cards, dice, and slots. 

I was wandering around Walmart one day and found a keychain that had 5 card shaped charms on it. They were the 10, J, Q, K, A of spades.

EUREKA! Thought I.

I'll use these on Frank's ornament!!

Now for a pattern...hmmmm

Karen DeSousa's Exotic Ornaments "Festival" seemed to fit the bill. I wanted almost a harlequin look, so I chose black and white.  Then I threw in some red to keep with the card theme.

It was working really well, I didn't have to buy any beads, save the charms.

I began beading this as an on-the-plane ornament(I fly a LOT don't I...jeeeeeeez)

Well, we got to our destination and as I was just hanging out later, I decided to bead some more.

I left the book on the plane.

I left the book ON THE PLANE



There were no bead stores where we were. I had no backup beadwork with me. The only time in the history of beads where I don't have a backup project, and I need it.

I got desperate, and crafty. I pulled up the picture of the ornament from her website, and as I had packed only the necessary beads, I was able to figure out something close to the orignal. It isn't perfect, but it looks really nice, and I'm happy with it.

I learned a valuable lesson. Make a copy of the pattern and take that instead of the book.

Now I have to go buy another copy.

Oh well, hopefully someone picks up the book from the plane and a new beader is born.

This ornament uses black 15/0, 11/0, 3mm bugles, jet Swarovski 4mm bicones, and black 4-sh mm firepolished crystals, white 15/0s, 11/0s, silver 3mm rounds, silver lined red 3mm bugles and light siam 4mm Swarovski bicones.

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